To provide a high-quality, trilingual international education within a nurturing environment. To encourage independent thought and instill lifelong learning skills, essential for successful global citizenship. To celebrate diversity, promote tolerance, and foster understanding across all races and cultures.

Aims and Objectives

Our goal is to provide our children with a diverse range of disciplines framed within distinct themes or topics. These topics are meticulously selected to echo the students’ interests, spark their imagination, and consequently enhance the learning experience. Each topic encompasses core components of our curriculum, with a targeted emphasis on Communication, Language and Literacy; Mathematical Development; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Personal, Social, and Emotional Development; Creative Development; and Physical Development. These elements are seamlessly blended and integrated through a thematic approach to nurture a holistic and student-centric developmental journey.

In addition, we at Dadi Early Learning Center recognize the importance of enhancing our students’ cultural awareness. This is to help them comprehend their place within the global community as well as their position within Thailand itself. This latter aspect is addressed through a distinct Thai Studies component of the curriculum, where students have the opportunity to discover the uniqueness of Thai culture by learning the Thai language, customs, and other aspects of socio-cultural relations.

Our school is a community of learners working together to draw meaning from our environment. We value our students’ curiosity and interests. Our teachers are responsible for providing experiences that will develop the skills students need to answer their own questions. We aim to raise awareness of the shared responsibility genuinely held between educators and students in our community.

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