What is Abacus Maths?

Abacus Maths is an arithmetic method rooted in the principles of ABACUS CALCULATION. After working with an abacus for some time, one naturally forms a virtual mental image of the abacus. This virtual abacus can then be used to perform calculations. Abacus Maths is considered the most effective method to introduce mathematics to young children and to enhance math skills.

According to educational psychologist Howard Gardner, intelligence refers to the human capability to solve problems or create something valued in one or more cultures. Abacus Maths lays down a clear and logical concept of numbering for young children. Training with a mental image of the abacus boosts memory power and enhances mental formation in a child. Speed training improves the child’s reflexes, while speed-hearing training encourages them to pay closer attention to their studies by listening more attentively and effectively. Using an abacus requires the coordination of the main nerves in the human body, including those for the eyes, ears, and fingers. Regular practice with an abacus stimulates the brain, promoting the growth of brain cells. Research on brain development has shown that longer exposure to the right kind of stimulation leads to more significant brain growth.

The Abacus Program: 
– Establishes a clear, logical concept of numbers and their placement.
– Enhances memory power and mental formation.
– Helps the child develop better motor reflexes.
– Encourages full attention to studies by promoting more effective listening skills.
– Requires coordination of the main nerves of the human body: eyes, ears, and fingers.
– Increases the learner’s confidence and interest in schoolwork, both curricular and

The outcome of the Abacus Maths program is brighter, more engaged children!

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